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The King & His Kingdom

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it a symbolic representation of something? Is it an invisible place hidden somewhere in the cosmos? Is it something we can experience now? Is it the place our loved ones go to when they pass away? Is it simply the place where the mansion Jesus promised to give us is going to be? Or is it a really good movie starring Orlando Bloom and Eva Green? Tune in as some of our Staff Pastors explore what the Kingdom of Heaven truly is and how we are part of it.

Practices For Filling The Bowl

In our previous series ‘How to Fill the Bowl’, we asked ourselves the question “if we were to see the bowls of our prayers in Heaven (Revelation 5), would they be empty or running over?” This new Series ‘Practices for Filling the Bowl’ is an extension of this Series, only we dive into the practical ways to spend time in prayer and in God’s Word.

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