Jesus said in Matthew 28 to 'go and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them to faithfully follow all he has commanded'.

Something For Everyone!

420 Dunn Rd, Fayetteville, NC

Adult Courses


7:00pm Courses Held In Building A & B

Kids Courses


7:00pm C-Luv Kids Building C & D

Destiny Generation Youth


7:00pm Building C Ark


CL Courses take place at Covenant Love on Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm weekly and are a great opportunity to further your personal development in God's Word as well as grow in Community! We have a variety of rotating courses (discipleship classes) for Adults and Children, as well as Destiny Generation for our Youth!

We have a variety of Adult Courses which are available year round! Courses operate on a Quarterly Schedule with Two Terms happening each Quarter. This means you have the ultimate selection of Courses available all the time! With Courses changing about every six weeks, you can jump in any time and also switch up the topic or style of Course you are in often!

Our C-Luv Kids Ministry has Courses specifically created for your kids in mind! Each Quarter your kids have the opportunity to pick from a few different class options based on their current school year and age. Classes switch up about every 12 weeks, and pre-registration is not required ahead of time! Please be sure to check-in at our C-Luv Kids Lobby (Building C) when you arrive for us to contact you if there are any problems with your kiddos!


We believe that taking the step of being Water Baptized is an incredible step in your Salvation Journey and should be celebrated! Once every Quarter we gather together as a Church Community to Celebrate those who are taking that ‘next step’ in their faith journey in a Baptism Celebration Service!

Click the link below for more information and to sign up for the next Quarterly Baptism Celebration Service!