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Learning To Pray Workbook


Together with Pastor Al Brice’s book Learning To Pray The Will Of God, the Learning To Pray The Will Of God Workbook is a valuable resource for individual Bible study, discipleship and other group gatherings!

This workbook assists you in determining your present level of prayer and the measures you need to take to strengthen your relationship with God via prayer, Bible study and worship. You’ll also discover connections to each chapter of the book that will help you grow spiritually and gain confidence in prayer.

POWER UP! 2 Daily Wisdom For A Godly Life

In the final hours before Jesus returns, godly wisdom is crucial for navigating the challenges of our Church age, just as it was in the early Church. Unfortunately, many choose to live without it, making us susceptible to deception by our adversary. “Power Up, Volume 2” is a sequel to “Power Up! Volume 1, Spiritual Nuggets for a Victorious Life,” This devotional is filled with biblical principles, scriptures, and daily prayers aimed at applying God’s wisdom to guide individuals through life and relationships, fostering a godly and pleasing life to the Lord.

Learning To Pray The Will Of God

This book serves as a practical guide for those seeking confident and effective prayer. Whether you’re uncertain about God’s will for your life or struggle with understanding how to pray accordingly, this manual provides instruction and inspiration. Designed for those new to prayer or in need of a refresher, it offers questions for personal reflection or group study at the end of each chapter. By utilizing the Word of God to discern His will, you’ll gain the ability to pray with confidence, witness powerful results, and develop the boldness to pray in the Spirit, take authority over the devil, and trust in the Holy Spirit and the Word for victories.

Power Up! Spiritual Nuggets For A Victorious Life

Pastor Al Brice’s first book, “POWER UP! Spiritual Nuggets for a Victorious Life,” offers strength, solace, and hope in just a few minutes each day. In the midst of tumultuous times, the daily devotional provides courage, comfort, and a fresh perspective to help navigate challenges victoriously. Acting as a lighthouse amid the storm, the Scriptures and thoughts guide readers into a safe harbor of refuge, strengthening their daily walk with Jesus and instilling confidence to resist darkness in just a few minutes per day over the 90-day devotional period.

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CL Worship

Find various Original Songs and Covers from our CL Worship Team on YouTube!

More coming in 2024…

Come And Dine

Our Youth Ministry, Destiny Generation, released their first Album in 2023! ‘Come And Dine’ is an incredible Lofi & Prayer Album with scripture inspired worship. Listen anywhere music is sold!

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