Deuteronomy 31:1-32:52……verse 3 has great revelation for us concerning our future, God has already been there!!!!! Psalm 139:16.  So how do we know where to go, what steps do I take? Psalm 37:23… The Holy Spirit will guide you and it is our responsibility to walk in His will. Jesus said in John 5:30 that He doesn’t seek His own will but the will of God. Everyday before you do anything or go anywhere you should say, Father God, not my will but Your will be done in my life today, I ask that the Holy Spirit would lead me today to walk in the steps that You have already set for my life today, I yield my life to You completely. I have plans but I submit them to You and ask You to direct my steps, in the name of Jesus!!!!! 

Moses wrote a powerful song given to him by the Spirit of God, music is a powerful tool to proclaim a message, the devil knows the power of music and he uses it to preach his messages. Be careful what you listen to!!!!

Psalm 40:6-12

Proverbs 13:11-12

Luke 7:31-50